Fume Hoods (FH) Exam

The Registered Certification Professional – Fume Hoods (RCP-FH) credentialing program will ensure that the certificate holders possess the fundamental knowledge required to evaluate a fume hood’s performance according to ANSI/ASHRAE 110 and other industry guidelines. The examination for the RCP-FH will be administered multiple times a year.

Exam Content:

The following chart provides the proportional makeup of the multiple choice and written practical exam that will be used for the CNBT's Registered Certification Professional for Fume Hood ASHRAE 110 Testing Exam.

Knowledge Domain Portion of Exam
Site Assessment 12%
Equipment/Materials  11%
Operational Environment Assessment 15%
Inspect Fume Hood Construction 19%
Perform Fume Hood Testing 33%
Prepare Data Analysis and Client Report 10%


Reference Materials:

Exam Pricing:

CETA Member Pricing

  • $1195  FH Exam                               
  • $1195  FH Re-Certification (if you meet Section 4.1 of the FH Policy)

Non-CETA Member Pricing

  • $1695   FH Exam                     
  • $1695   FH Re-Certification

Exam Dates:

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Exam Application:

To register for Fume Hood exams online, please click here.  

*Please ensure you review the Fume Hood Policy before submitting your application.

Fume Hood Examination Subject Matter Experts:

  • Beth Mankameyer, Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Frank Rhodes, Precision Air Technology
  • Michael Moore, Technical Safety Services
  • Mahdi Fahim, NC State University
  • Ben Luetkemeyer, Ace Lab Systems
  • Pete Caudle, Asecos Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Kasey Fulmer, Labconco